Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 365 Week 5

January 30th - Thankful Thought no. 5: The last whole day of vacation - always a bit sad. Today we went back to the magic kingdom and then late to Hollywood Studios for the night show. I am thankful for vacation and a husband that really understands how important they are.

January 31st - Time to go home, enough said. Just one last picture showing Jamaica at The Caribbean Beach Resort (home for the last week).

February 1st - Back to Wisconsin and yet another snow storm. Grrrr.

February 2nd - I am done with the vaction laundry. Two days must be a record! Oh, and Jimmy the Groundhog did not see his shadow today. EARLY SPRING! We can only hope.

February 3rd - Scott bought the NFC Champions hat at the airport the morning after the game last week. But when we got home he dug out his NFC Champion hat from 1996. There’s a fan.

February 4th - At the beginning of January I selected “OPEN” as my word of the year 2011 and had not featured it yet. That is my motto this year, open to possibilities, change, whatever.

February 5th - Taylor was back for the weekend. She and Stella joined us in bed Saturday morning for some chat & snuggle time.



  1. I love that you do a photo a day Janelle! I think I may need to start this next year :) Or maybe I'll start this year...who says you have to start in

  2. Hi Janelle, I love the nice clean look of your blog.
    I found your blog link on 2ps.

  3. Nobody says you have to start in January, Kimberly. Start today - this has been one of the most rewarding things for me - you will be so glad you do this. :)