Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 365 Week 4

January 23rd - Thankful Thought no. 4: Funny that this week’s thankful thought is the Packers - but today they won the NFC championship against the Bears. That means that when we get home from Florida we’ll get to watch the Packers in the SUPERBOWL! And so, today, all of Wisconsin is thankful.     

January 24th - We got to Orlando in time to go over to Epcot on Day 1. Awesome. last time we were in Orlando one of my favorite moments was Brooklyn meeting Stitch. So it was quite ironic that he was the first character we met this time.

January 25th - There are no words to describe how awesome, amazing and downright unbelievable today was. At Animal kingdom we were asked to be IN the daily parade. Yes, I said IN. We rode our very own float, the Tiger Float through the entire park - waving at spectators. This is one of my favorite memories EVER!!!

January 26th - Today was Magic Kingdom day - and magic is always a good word to describe it there. It was a big character day for us - Mickey & Minnie, the princesses, the faeries and more.    

January 27th - Hollywood Studios in the morning - where Brooklyn got to be in the “Disney Channel Rocks” show. You know she loved that! And then to Downtown Disney in the afternoon, where Brooklyn went to Bippity Boppity Boo. I think Mom loved that the most.

January 28th - Today we went to Universal. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was the coolest thing - it was like we were really there!!! No kidding!  And Mom has a new favorite ride ever ... through Hogwarts with Harry!

January 29th - Early morning at Hollywood Studios just Mom & Brooke. We were able to ride Rockin” Roller Coaster SIX times in an hour and Tower of Terror THREE. Early morning was fabulous! And then we met Dad at Epcot where Brooke learned to belly dance over lunch in “Morrocco”, rode Soarin’ a couple more times (YAY) and met some hard to find characters, like Jasmine & Alladin and The Beast (with Belle, of course). Disney is the best.


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