Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 365 Week 3

I'm going to need to post more than 1 week at a time if I plan to get caught up with this at some point - sounds simple enough.

January 16th - Thankful Thought no. 3: I am thankful for our beautiful home. The recession has  really taught me to count my blessings -  Yes, I am still looking for a job at this point, but there are so many people who have been affected so much worse than we have. I am thankful for that perspective. (This is a picture of home. It is Brooklyn & I on the master bed all set up to watch “Worst Cook in America”.  We are here every Sunday night.)

January 17th - Today was a laundry day ...  so I have included a picture from the internet of what I wish my laundry room looked like. A doable goal for 2011.

January 18th - Home on spring break, Taylor has enjoyed seeing some of her “old” friends, Like MacKenzie Bornick.

January 19th - Ericka reminded me about the apple dip I used to make when she & Brad were little. So, today I made some of it. It is just as yummy as we all remember.

January 20th - Packing for our trip has begun in earnest!

January 21st - We had the girls tonight - Stella is such a darling! 

January 22nd - Weekend days at home often look like this now that Brooklyn has her own computer.


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