Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 4/11/2011

Confused that today is Wenesday? We had no (or at least very little) internet access over that past couple of days. As you can imagine ALL of my energy has gone into fixing that issue rather than blogging, scrapping, or even cleaning. (the cleaning part I haven't really minded so much) So ... this week Menu Plan Monday is brought to you on Wednesday. :)

MONDAY: Grilled Chicken, Foil Packet Potatoes, Greeen Peas
This didn't happen though, I nixed all meal preparation when the internet went down and kitchen sink began leaking. I am only putting this in to remind anyone who might read this that having a meal plan doesn't mean that things don't ever change. Life happens. We ended up with "fend for yourself night" combined with "don't talk to Mom, she'll bite your head off night." Oh well. we'll try for a better day the rest of the week.

TUESDAY: Beef Stroganoff

WEDNESAY: Greek Chicken Pitas
This will be a new dinner for us - the recipe uses a deli rotisserie chicken, but I am currently slow baking some chicken breasts I had in the freezer instead.

THURSDAY: Green Bean Potato Casserole, Whole Wheat Cresent Rolls
A favorite from my childhood - ground beef, diced potatoes, & green beans all mixed with cream of mushroom soup and baked at a pretty high temp (I like the crispy browned stuff along the edges if I cook it on high). I plan to addd some sliced up carrots in to it as well.

FRIDAY: Grilled Brats, Potato Salad, Tomato Salad
This will be our first grilled brats of the season - if you are not from Wisconsin, you should know that these are fresh Bratwursts rather than pre-cooked. There is no comparison. The tomato salad is one that I saw Jamie Oliver make on the Food Network and I am excited to try.

Rachael Ray's Cobb Pasta Toss - it was good, but I will not make it again. It made a lot of dirty dishes, and involved a lot of steps. Making it felt like making breakfast, with so many things going on at once. And I never make breakfast for that reason. Anyway, it was good - not great.

Taste of Home's Slow Cooker Steak Burritos - this was good and easy. I can see myself making this again at some point.

Have a good week - talk to you later.

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