Monday, April 4, 2011

Project 365 Week 1

I have actually kept up to date with this project so far this year - just not with sharing the pictures and layouts. This year my goal with it is to have it be a weekly representation of "who we are" - sometimes that means pictures from the internet that represent our day and/or life better. It also means that I am not stressing about getting the picture each day. If I miss a day - no sweat.  And so without further ado, here is week 1.

January 1st - For the 2nd year in a row Paige spent the night for New Year’s.
The girls have declared it an official “tradition. Love that.

January 2nd - Thankful Thought no. 1: I am thankful for Brooke’s age right now - 8 is wonderful. I am her very best friend and she wants nothing more than to spend time together.
Today we made super awesome banana cupcakes.

January 3rd - All the girls and I went to visit Grandma Brickwell at Tivoli today.
She was so happy to see the little ones ... Somehow we all need to get there more oftten. A little thing that means so much to Grandma.

January 4th - My good friend Jen Carpenter’s chicks. Her daughter Abby hatched them in the laundry room for a school science project.
What a good mom!

January 5th - Today the Christmas tree came down. This is just a close up of some of Brooklyn’s new funky decorations this year. Taylor calls them Easter decorations. Too funny.

January 6th - New phone day (I lost my little pink clam shell one). This was HARD because I did not want a smart phone and there are like zero choices anymore without being one. I need a full keyboard though to text so that pretty much narrowed it down to this one. I hope I like it.

January 7th - We have the girls this weekend - just a shot of our pretty Nahdia.

January 8th - The three girls talked me into pushing the couches together in the living room for a ”cool” place to watch a movie. They thought it was the greatest thing ever. Pretty easy entertainment, Huh?


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