Project Life Album 2013

Although I do plan to make posts on this blog's home about my Project Life as I do them - this page is the sum total of the 2013 Project Life album in one place. Thanks for looking.
**And if you click on any of the pictures - you can view them as a slideshow.**

So enough explaining, I guess If I'm going to revive this crazy blog of mine - I should do some catching up in the Project Life department. And away we go.

This year I decided to keep it a little cleaner than 2012, no stitches, no overlays etc. ... several months in I'm not sure if I'm glad about that choice or not, but I'll stick with it through 2013 anyway.

Here is my 2013 and week 1

And Week 2

Week 3 - this week I have a bonus 2 page spread because we had a mini vacay for one of Brooklyn's swim meets. Fun!

And Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

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