Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bloggers Abound

So, on Sunday night as I was redesigning  the header from this blog Miss Brooklyn declares that she really wants a blog too. Alright then - "Let's do it." (like what mom in their right mind wouldn't encourage a place for their kids to write more - no brainer)

Helping come up with a name for said blog - REALLY HARD! Some of the early contenders were

1.) Her Whole Name - Uh, no thank you. Obvious reasons.
2.) Sporty Spice - dad's original suggestion, but Brooke thought that would mean it was more of a sports blog - so, no.
3.) I Made a Castle - from a family story of when she was little - "let's see, but what else can you come up with first."
4.)Schmutt - what her sisters used to call her as a baby - for people not in the the know, this looks a lot like smut, don't you think? Suffice it to say that her dad thought that for sure & this was instantly "off the list"

In the end the winner was "Happy Llama, Sad Llama" from the little sing-along poem/song that girls that age sing together. We set it up, made her a new header, and a video of her doing the poem/song (or whatever it should be called). Easy Peasy, except emailing that video to myself from my phone took two days. Two days of being asked every 15 minutes, "Did you get it yet?" That girl was determined. I don't claim to be an expert in this area. But why would it take two days?

Anyway, the blog is up - I'll link to it here for her,  Do any of your kids have blogs too?

edited to add:  And then last night, Taylor called about starting a blog too. Big blogging business here on Picnic Hill.

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  1. Super fun blog!
    I'm hopping on over from P&Co Janelle.
    My daughter (now an 8th grader) started a cooking blog a couple of years ago. It's been really neglected lately but she plans to start it back up again. She just ordered business cards and wants to try and sell her desserts more. It's kinda fun I think. If you want to check out my DD's blog it's at:
    Enjoy your new HappyLlamaSadLlama blog!!