Monday, August 5, 2013


I knew it had been a long time since I had been to this blog - but more than TWO YEARS! I had no idea. Time is remarkable fast, this I know. I have made the decision to give this a go again because of new creative outlets - YAY. When Two Peas decided to turn it's back on digital I was pretty mad. I had turned down creative team gigs etc. simply because I felt obligated to them. Only to find out after so many years that the primary creative force there had no interest in digital what so ever (other than as a means to promote paper scrapbooking). I had hoped that I could care enough for both of us, but I was wrong. Of course, it is her company & she gets to choose where the road leads with it. But still, I was mad.

So, after doing some pretty serious introspection as to whether I was even going to continue with this hobby at all. The answer is yes. I love sitting down at the laptop and going through my pictures to tell stories - so it had to be yes.

Through it, I have continued to design for the wonderful Gina Cabrera. Her digital products were really my first loves in digital scrapbooking. I have felt blessed to work with her. I also was touched and happy to have joined Leah Riordan's (Mommyish) CT after the closing of Two Peas. I'd been in love with her designs for a while - and as an extra bonus she is the kind of sassy gal that makes me laugh.

And the reason for breathing life into my blog again is that this week I joined the creative team at Pixels & Company. Lots of my scrappy friends now "live there" too and it feels like a place I can be happy. I am beyond thrilled to start sharing again. And hope you'll give this little blog of mine ONE MORE SHOT!

The first page I made at P&Co since joining the CT was actually as part of a speed scrap on Saturday night. What fun - because they have a live chat room it reminded me a little of when I used to paper scrap and would attend a crop at a local scrapbook store. She does one every month - essentially, Kat (the host) gives a layout recipe to follow. The funnest thing for me was anticipating and sharing what everyone else got for a page with the same directions. Mine is below.

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