Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project 365 Week 2

January 9th - Thankful Thought no. 2: Taylor’s good friend Matt O’Rourke is back from a semester in Africa. Today I am thankful for their friendship & for his safety while in Africa.

January 10th - Ericka, Taylor, Nahdia & Stella go down to spend a couple of days in Dodgeville.

January 11th - Mom (meaning me) makes homemade cookies today.

January 12th - Wednesday means AWANA night for Brooklyn - both Travis and her friend Kate also go.

January 13th - Brooklyn helps make homemade pizza for dinner. We have lots & lots of mozzarella to use up from a semi accident this past weekend. Brad & Serina stocked us all up!

January 14th - Our abandoned swingset all alone for the winter.

January 15th - The Packers played the Falcons in the playoffs today. Scott went to Greg’s for "lucky" lasagna, and the rest of us went to Lana and Chad’s. Packers win. GO PACK GO!


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