Sunday, October 24, 2010

P365 Renewed - week 1

I am pretty happy about trying to get back into representing the essence of our life ... one day at a time! Well, week 1 back at it wasn't perfect ... only 6 pictures rather than 7, but considering the 6 month hole in the year - that's a pretty good average!

Sunday, October 17th - Unfortunately there was no picture taken.

Monday, October 18th - 10 work days left until my first canvass revenue clean date. I am starting to get pretty nervous ... and stressed!

Tuesday, October 19th - 9 work days left until revenue clean - I took this picture from my "mobile office".

Wednesday, October 20th - our newest litter of kittens.

Thursday, October 21st - BLACKJACK day. I say this because two really fantastic bits of news came my way today. The first ... I can't talk about yet. But suffice it to say that I could really use any good luck prayers, positive thoughts or whatever else you might have. The second was an email from Gina Cabrera of Digital Design Essentials. This was one of the first digital sites I discovered and fell in love with ... and now I am officially part of it as a member of the creative team. F-U-N!

Friday, October 22nd - This picture was taken through my car windshield ... it is easy to take the views around town for granted as I work every day, but the capitol building really is special!

Saturday, October 23rd - Brooklyn and I spent the day together and had sooo much fun putting together a family video on
So, that was our week. We'll try and document the coming one too. Talk to you soon.

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