Friday, October 15, 2010

Susan ... Here's to You!

Today's post takes a trip outside the norm for me. I have known an amazing woman for close to 15 years. Our paths have never been such for us to have formed a close relationship - which is pobably more my fault than hers since close friendships have always come hard for me. But I admire Susan and her positive and peaceful outlook on life so much - and this outlook comes in the face of more heartbreak than most will ever know in their lifetime. These past couple of weeks she has been bravely facing a courtroom everyday - the trial is for her ex who is accused of violently murdering their 5 week old baby twins. She has been on my mind often, and I've searched for the perfect words to write to her. But I have nothing! So I am doing the one small thing that I can and I'm passing her story on and asking you to join her cause on Facebook - that murderers of children should receive the same sentences as those of adults, which horrifically is often not the case. So, here's to you, Susan. Know how much I admire the strength you somehow have mustered up through this.
This is a picture of her beautiful babies ... and a link to her Facebook Cause (take a minute to join if you will)!/pages/Murder-Is-Murder-No-Matter-How-Small-The-Victim/127418217269613

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