Saturday, April 10, 2010

Starting Again

It seems that letting so much time pass between blog entries leads inevitabelyto forgetting all the things you had worked so hard to teach yourself about blogging in the first place. I think this is where I hit myself on the head. So, I am returning to the class lessons from Shimelle and relearning.

Why should this time be different? I have found a job!!!! Yup, that right - after so many stressful months of not knowing what the future held, I start work next Monday for AT&T Advertising. I am beyond thrilled. For the job AND to have a little extra money again. But to the point right now, I have let go of some stress - time to relax and start living my life again. Moving forward. I am a blogger.

In talking with some of my "scrappy friends" who are much more successful at this endeavor than I, I think that the way to start blogging more often is to develop a structure to follow ... at least in the beginning. So starting tomorrow I will have themes for each day of the week. Can't really promise that they will be set in stone forever, but that is what I'm going with. Sunday's will be about Gratitude. I will tell you five things I am grateful for. Monday's will be Meal Plan Monday - I'm a little scared of this. This might be more appropriate for those who are more "plannerish". But we'll give it a go.

So, we'll see you tomorrow. I'll be grateful if I can just follow through with this. (evil grin)

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