Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 Things - Gratitude

This is my first gratitude poting so these will be the obvious ones (so their feelings are kept solidly in tact) and we''ll go forward from there.

1. Two Days in a Row People! Blogging might actually turn out to be good yet.
2. My wonderful kids and granddaughters. They are my everything. All moms understand this. (they will all hate this photo - but it serves as a reminder to them to let me take group shots more often. HA!)
3. A supportive husband to grow old with. I don't think you can appreciate this one too much. The older I get the more I understand the wisdom of this one.
4. My parents. I was one of the lucky people to have been raised in a really great home. We didn't have issues. And they continue to be a rock in my life - a calm spot in the greatest of storms. They are amazing.
5. Time. This makes the top 5 list for a million reasons at least. "Times heals all wounds" "Time marches on " You can't save time, you can only spend it wisely" My vow with changing careers this past year has been to use my time more wisely, to begin to live my life with purpose. And so it makes the first list.
So, thanks for stopping in -- here's to beginnings. I look forward to many more lists. Probably more interesting or fun, but certainly no gratitudes more important than today. God Bless.

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