Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our First Assignment

So, I am brand new at this and I'm already a bad blogger. I guess the rush of the Thanksgiving holiday got the better of me this year!

The real topic of this post is my first assignment on the Two Peas in a Bucket Digital Creative Team ... But I am taking a time out for an assignment ... Right Now (or first thing tomorrow morning if it is late where you are), pick up the phone and call your mom. Then tell her again just how much you love her! We had a heart attack scare with my mom this weekend. There is nothing like that to give you a little reality kick. I know I don't actually tell her that I love her as often as I should. But I am going to start. Sure she knows anyway, but hearing it matters!

So, on to the heart of this post. My first assignment for 2Peas was to make at least 2 pages each with these two wonderful kits.

The first is Simple Shadows Style by Jen Martakis - I'll probably use these on every single page from now on. They are realistic looking - which fits my digital style perfectly. For the most part I am looking to create pages that very closely mimic something I would have done back when I paper scrapped (only better). I have but shadows styles before, and then given up getting them installed - Jen's directions are amazing. I had this up and running in minutes!

My second kit for the week was Holiday Twist Borders by Holly Brooke Jones. This little beauty is only 99 cents (on sale for 79 through Monday) I have already made three completely different layouts and can honestly think of dozens of ways that I want to use this - both as it is and with minor changes. (and isn't that what is sooooo cool about digi)

I made three different layouts this week using both kits on each of them. And I'm thinking of making at least one more. Here's what I've got so far ...

OK - as a note to anyone reading this blog, I have so much to learn about formatting so it all looks like I want it to - that is up on my list of priorities for the coming weeks. So be kind to this new blogger. Thanks.

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  1. These are great layouts! I really like the last one as I would not have though to do the border like that. Maybe some day I will actually do some digital scrapbooking rather than wish I were:-) Thanks for the inspiration!